CIS countries

If you want to import export to CIS countries use  
(Real International trade directory) All country crossings you’d desire.

China – Russia 

Karachi – Moscow 

1.- 10 of the 15 former Soviet republics (not the CEFTA and former CEFTA countries that were only allies) after independence of the USSR signed the agreement: the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
2.- Today, CIS is the previous step for the next The Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC or EurAsEC)
3.-   the baltic states are out of CIS as they are now are in EU. Turkmenistan, now is just an associate member,  and Georgia, retired in 2009.
5.- Mongolia participates as an observer. Ukraine belongs the facto not de jure.
6.- Russia is moving towards recovering part of its huge power.
7.- Crimea is basic for any geopolitical strategy . (Similar to what Carlos I of Spain said about Europe , “All Europe is agree, all of us want Milan”)
8.- Russia has the largest reserves in the world. extensive mineral and energy resources
9.- Russia is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas globally.
10.-Russia has the 6th largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) in the world.

11.-The Russian war in Ukraine and earlier in Georgia, threats against Moldova and Kazakhstan as well as other conflicts maintain the CIS as a community of unfriendly STATES

If we order the CIS  countries from highest GDP per capita, to lower without counting
Central Asian countries.

Population: 143.400.000 (9th)
GDP: $ 2.512 trillion (6th)
GDP per cápita: $ 23.549 (43th)
Population: 9.457.500 (87th)
GDP: $146,7 trillion (60th)
GDP per cápita: $15.633 (63th)
Population: 9.356.500 (89th)
GDP: $93 trillion (71th)
GDP per cápita: $10.201 (83th)
Population: 44.854.065 (28th)
GDP: $344,7 trillion (37th)
GDP per cápita: $7.598 (96th)
Population: 3.200.000
GDP $ 17,9 billones.
GDP per capìta. $ 5.400
Population: 3.559.500 (132nd)
GDP: $ 12,9 trillion (141th)
GDP per cápita: $ 4.182 (114th)

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