Central Asia countries

If you want to import export from Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan, or to Uzbekistan from Kazakhstan, for example, use 

(Real International trade directory). All country crossings you’d desire.

Hong Kong – Astana (Kazakhstan) Just an example

With an Area bigger than India, but with only 60 millions inhabitants, Central Asia has been divided, redivided, conquered, and fragmented time and time again, along the history. 
It has access to relevant trade routes and has acted as a crossroads for the movement of people, goods, and ideas between Europe and Asia. 
Central Asia has Big diversity in geography and in water resources. And also there are oil reserves, but in global terms, aren’t too much relevant, but in natural gas are in better position. 
Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are the biggest supliers of Uranio in the World.

Sorted  by GDP per capita, these are the countries of this region: 
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1.- Kazakhstan ( 16.674.023 population, 51th ranking of the world by Total GDP according IMF: 178,3 billion dollars.  $ 10.600 GDP per cápita) . 
2.- Turkmenistan (5.526.406 population. 92th: 25,7 billion.  $ 4.658 per capita.)  
3.- Uzbekistan (28.850.508 population. 67th: 45,3 billion.  $ 1.572 per capita).
4.- Kyrgyzstan (5.532.710 population. 137th:  $ 6  billion.  $ 1.070 per cápita). 
5.- Tajikistan (7.849.579 population. 129th: $ 6,5 billion.  $831 per cápita).

In Sylodium (international trade directory. City and Country / Crossing System)
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