Southern Caucasus Countries.

If you want to import export from Armenia to Azerbaijan, or to Armenia from Azerbaijan, for example, use 

(The for
All country crossings you’d desire.

Shanghai – Yerevan (Armenia) Just an example.

Throughout its history, the region has come under control of various empires: the Romans, Byzantine, Mongol, Persian, Ottoman and Russian. 
Agriculture and mining, are the industrial development bases. 
Despite its small size, the Caucasus region has a great interest for powerful countries, due to its strategic geopolitical location between Europe and Asia, and especially because it is the gateway to Caspian hydrocarbons. This petroleum and gas can be conducted from Caspian Sea to the ports of Turkey.

Sorted  by GDP per capita, these are the countries of this region:  
1.- Azerbaijan: 9.356.500 population. $ 10.200 GDP per capita.   
2.- Georgia:  4.469.200 population.   $ 5.491 GDP per capita.  
3.- Armenia  3.262.200 population.  $ 5.380  GDP per cápita.

In Sylodium we segment the global market as actually is via city and country / crossing system.

You can advertise for free your company or your project, at the intersection of cities (and countries) like:


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