If your target markets are Muslim countries, visit (International trade directory)

Indonesia – Saudi Arabia (just an example)


 The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (57 members states) include the  Greater Middle East, (Middle East, Maghreb, and Central Asia),  and African and Asian muslim countries.

Albania, Surinam, and Guyana also belong to OIC.

Still there are significant economic difference between the developed oil states of Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE, and developing countries like Comoros, Djibouti, Mauritania, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The League of Arab States (22 members states) is a regional organization of Arab countries in and around North Africa, the Horn of Africa, and Southwest Asia that develop political, economic, cultural, scientific and social programs.

The West sometimes forget that Iran or Turkey are not Arab countries.  Both are muslim countries.
 Arabic language,  It is the eighth most spoken language in the world, Some of the spoken varieties are mutually unintelligible,

Israel is the only “not muslim” country in Middle East,  with $ 35.000 GDP per capita.  Israel is just behind Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE (richest GCC countries).
 Obviously China, Europe and the USA want boost their fluence over the GCC, and over emergent muslim countries as Egypt or Indonesia.
 Another industry that is growing steadily in the Arab League is telecommunications.
 the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is involved in the Arab Gas Pipeline project that will transport Egyptian and Iraqi gas to Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey.
The Agadir Agreement want to establish a free trade area in Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco with the dream of the Euro Mediterranean free trade.

In Sylodium (city and country / crossing system: import export business) you can advertise for free your company or your Project at the intersection of cities that you want, for example to export to UAE from Egypt


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