South American jobs for American Business
If your target market is MERCOSUR visit

 Madrid – Caracas (just an example) 

1.- Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador are associate members.
2.- The policy of trade liberalization resulted in a significant increase in the volume of exports from Argentina to Brazil and vice versa.
3.- Since the creation of Mercosur,  the primary and agro-industrial sector was considered one of the most privileged sectors in regional integration.
4.-The Pacific Alliance trade bloc (uniting Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru) announced plans to joint with Mercosur.

5.- Chile ready to act as a ‘bridge’ between Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance

6.- The incorporation of Bolivia ratified by Uruguay and Venezuela  will allow a Mercosur Atlantic-Pacific corridor. Mercosur absorbs 55% of Bolivia’s exports7.-Mercosur has discussed proposals to create an economic zone with the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), Petrocaribe, and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

8.-Despite being members of MERCOSUR, Brazil use to complain about Argentina’s restrictions.

If we order members of MERCOSUR from higher GDP per capita to lower.
  1. Argentina; is one of the largest exporters of meat and biodiesel in the world
Population: 41.281.631 (31th) . GDP per cápita: $18.205 (51th)
  1. Uruguay, the most pacific, democratic, and Green country of Latin America,
Population: 3.318.535 (133th). GDP per cápita: $16.607 (60th)
  1. Venezuela. The Oil in Venezuela represents the 80% of total exports.
Population: 28.946.101 (44th). GDP per cápita: $13.633 (71th)
  1. Brazil;  Is the largest producer of iron and manganese in the world. The 7th economy of the world.
Population: 193.946.886 (5th) . GDP per cápita: $11.875 (77th)
  1. Paraguay; Has an economy diversified.
Population: 6.561.748 (104th). GDP per cápita: $5.827 (108th)
In Sylodium advertise for free your company or your Project at the intersection of cities that you want, for example to export to Sao Paulo (Brazil) from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Or any city around the World.


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Imagine you become our Sylodium’s representing in URUGUAY, Search in Sylodium potential businesses in URUGUAY. For example.


AD example, lamps components

Then, you can offer to this company the way to sell their products in URUGUAY.

You can get much Money from your searching inside the Web, if you are looking for potential business matches for Premium Users and Free Users, finding out in Sylodium’s ads, referencing them in the Global Contest Forum, and contact them offering them intermediation via Sylodium.

The reasonable commission should be starting 2 % over the total amount.

From this percentage.

80% per you if you become administrator in URUGUAY and 20 % for Sylodium.

We know that import export business, suppose some times big amounts of money.


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